Questions to Ask When Designing a Bathroom

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When it comes to designing a bathroom, there are many factors to be considered. Although space and plumbing elements do influence the possible design options, here's a quick look at a few other factors that should be thought about in regards to bathroom design in Concord.

bathroom design concord

How tall are the residents in the home?

If someone in the home is six foot or taller, it's usually best to have the shower head hung higher on the wall than a normal shower head. In doing this, it makes it much simpler for the taller residents to bathe and shower, and it also ensures they can actually use the tub and shower as it was meant to be used.

Are there children living in the home?

Another factor to consider is whether or not there are children living in the home. If there are, then the mirrors in the bathrooms will likely need to be lowered. Or if possible, installing some sort of stool in the bathroom design concord that helps the children see in the mirror and use the sink is a great idea. Not only can this make brushing their teeth easier, but it also simplifies their morning routine.

bathroom design concord

Are there any seniors living in the home?

It's also important to consider whether or not any seniors will be living in the home. If they are, then hand rails will need to be installed by the toilet and in the shower. Fortunately, there are many modern and contemporary hand rails avaialble, meaning the bathroom doesn't have to look like a hospital room to accommodate the needs of seniors. Even if there aren't seniors living in the home, having these rails installed is great for homes with handicap residents as well as homes that often have guests over who are seniors or handicapped.

bathroom design concord

How much space is there?

If a bathroom has the space, it's almost always ideal to have a closet installed in it. This provides storage for towels, hygiene products, and other items that are often kept in the bathroom. If, however, there isn't space for a closet, a homeowner can always have the bathroom designed with shelves and hanging storage baskets. Taking advantage of vertical space is the number one tip to follow in small bathrooms.