Why Home Features Affect Entertaining

Many homeowners love to entertain, but they feel nervous about hosting events at their own home. Some homeowners are afraid their homes don’t match up to the homes of their friends, bathroom remodel concord or that their friends may not want to come to their house over hosting at their own. There are several features of a home that can be changed, both simple and drastic, that will help homeowners entertain better and feel better about it.


In a decent home, the bathroom design Concord is very important for making guests feel welcome and making the space feel practical to the homeowner. Surprisingly, an outdated or worn-down bathroom can make the whole house feel a bit dirtier and less inviting. Many realtors and home decorators recommend homeowners invest in updating the bathroom first. The small room typically costs less to update and makes a big difference for the experience of the guest.

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Painting and Curtains

Though flooring might be more of an extreme change, painting the walls and changing the curtains can drastically change the appearance of a room. Homeowners can paint their walls a light neutral color to open the space up and make the home feel cleaner. Additionally, outdated curtains can be changed for new curtains or blinds to make the space feel like new.

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The Value of an Outdoor Space

Outdoor living spaces are a big hit among homebuyers and friends who are being entertained. If the home is not ideal for entertaining, a yard space can often be updated to accommodate bathroom remodel concord guests. Some homeowners build a fire pit or purchase new lawn furniture to accommodate guests. A more specialized outdoor space might include a pizza oven or an al fresco table for eating a nice meal outside. Focusing on creating an outdoor space may limit the time of the year in which the homeowner can entertain guests, but it is a great start and often cheaper than changing a large portion of the home.

Increasing Light

Some homes feel smaller because of poor lighting. Homeowners can change out bulbs for efficient lights that use less wattage and burn brighter than the old bulbs. Additionally, homeowners may want to add more lights to a space, or open up windows, to increase the light. Natural lighting is the best way to make a home feel bigger, cleaner and brighter, which means adding windows is a great option if it can be afforded.