Different Styles for a Bathroom Design in Concord

bathroom design concordA bathroom design concord might not be a top priority for some homeowners, but it can make the difference when they are trying to add value to their homes or impress houseguests. Everyone has unique tastes and styles, but sometimes they need suggestions and inspiration for improvement.

1. Industrial/Urban: Some might describe this style as modern. A room with this design will include a lot of metal features or accents, metallic or neon colors, and high-tech appliances or décor. Some like to match a black wall or white tile with the metallic designs of a toilet, sink, or bathtub. Black brick walls and concrete floors are especially popular with this design.

2. Western/Homely: This style for a bathroom design in Concord includes a lot of wood material items, particularly with cabinets and mirror frames. The primary colors are typically brown with some red or green for an accent. Some people like to add curtains in front of bathtub and the window in place of blinds. Vessel sinks are round and bowl shaped, which reminds people of similar basins with a separate pitcher that were used in older times. Of course, the look wouldn’t be complete without decorative towels that act as accents to the entire bathroom.

bathroom design concord

3. Beach/Relaxing: Many people prefer to have a relaxing atmosphere in their bathrooms, similar to a spa or a trip to the beach. The most popular colors used to replicate the beach are light blues, sea foam green, sandy brown, and white. Homeowners typically choose a console sink for this design, because the legs can be made of wicker or bamboo to match the theme. Some people like to add thin curtains over the window and add beach related décor such as starfish, sand dollars, or fake tropical plants.

bathroom design concord

bathroom design concord4. Nature/Forest: Many homeowners like to work a nature or forest theme into their bathroom design in Concord. To achieve this, they will usually add colors like dark brown and forest green. They can add a green shower mat to act as an accent to brown tile and lighter brown wallpaper. Tree or forest-themed shower curtains are very popular, along with matching towels, wallpaper, or window curtains. Darker brown-colored cabinets and mirror frame are used to complement the overall look. People with a higher budget can add a vessel sink with a faucet that’s built into the wall so that the water comes out like a stream or waterfall.

These are merely suggestions for different themes a homeowner can use for their bathroom design in Concord. Some homeowners can go full out on the look they want, or homeowners can go the minimalist route if they are on a budget. Any sort of effort into updating the bathroom will likely add value to a home.