Common Mistakes Found in Bathroom Design in Concord, CA

Whether renovating a bathroom in an existing home or designing a bathroom for new construction, planning a design can be both exciting and complicated. The creative decisions made in bathroom remodel concord the planning stages will affect a home for decades to come. Unfortunately, there are some common mistakes that crop up in bathroom design Concord. Here are just a few that stand out.

Lack of Space

While building codes mandate minimal space guidelines, what is done with that space is what matters most. While vessel sinks may be all the rage, they sacrifice an extreme amount of counter space that could be used for storage. Likewise, vertical space in bathrooms should be utilized to maximize storage efficiency.

Toilet Placement

Toilet placement is sometimes an afterthought in bathroom design, and it shouldn't be. Toilets should never be placed right beside a door. Toilets shouldn't be the first thing that people see as they walk into the bathroom. If the toilet and shower can be placed in a separate room, all the better.

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Specialty Tubs and Showers

Trends in various sorts of bathtubs don't necessarily mean that they are the best choice for every space. Some specialty tubs simply won't fit up a narrow staircase to a second floor remodel. Homeowners that dream of having a multi-jet shower need to be certain that they have the water pressure to support such a system. If not, the water pressure will be very weak, and money will have been wasted.

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While not a sexy design element, having proper ventilation in a bathroom is crucial to preventing a future environmental disaster. Often people don't install a proper bathroom fan or fail to bathroom design concord maintain the one they have. This can result in a buildup of humidity on surfaces, causing paint and grout to deteriorate. The result is a serious mold issue that is difficult to remedy.

Improper Planning

The most common mistake that bathroom design Concord experts cite is improper planning. Creating a new bathroom is not something to be figured out along the way. Functionality issues aside, too many home accidents occur in the bathroom, and many of these could be due to improperly installed fixtures.

Popular television shows may make bathroom renovation appear simple, but there are many factors involved in doing it right. These are just of few of the mistakes found in bathroom design in Concord. Proper planning and the use of experts in the process can save both money and headaches in the long run.