Five Great Design Ideas for Small Bathrooms

The bathrooms are among the smallest rooms in a house, especially in an old house. Therefore, the latest bathroom design Concord kitchen design Concord trends are trending towards solutions for opening up the space. Although the best results are usually obtained by collaborating with an experienced designer, some ideas simply never go wrong:

1. Soft color schemes – Pastels and neutral tones are ideal for creating the illusion of a larger space. Although soft colors are usually considered quite dull, in combination with colorful accessories, they can make a small bathroom look both bigger and lively.

2. Wall-mounting – De-cluttering the floor is a great way of making a small bathroom look ample and free-up space at the same time. Mounting items above the floor, the vanity and the toilet, opens up the room. A wall-mounted faucet will allow for a larger sink or simply more square footage in the bathroom.

3. Recessed lighting – A small bathroom is not suitable for chandeliers, drum pendants or any kind quartz countertops Concord of massive lightning fixtures. Recessed lightning, installed in the ceiling or next to the mirror, saves space, while making the room appear more spacious.

4. Mirrors – The key words for mirrors are “big” and “oval. ” Mirrors reflect light, which automatically makes spaces seem larger. Thus, the bigger the mirror is, the bigger the bathroom looks. Moreover, oval mirrors stretch upwards, creating the illusion of higher ceilings, which, in turn, makes the room appear vaster.

5. Smart designs – In a small room, every inch counts. Bathroom designers have come up with smart solutions to make the most out of tiny bathrooms and free as much space as possible. With a little creativity, all the elements of a bathroom can be used to the homeowner’s advantage: the sink, the bathtub, the vanity, and all the normally unused spaces.

Five Smart Bathroom Design Solutions in Concord

1. Rounded vanity – Besides freeing up a bit of space, a vanity with rounded corners also bathroom remodel Concord eliminates the risks posed by sharp corners in tight spaces. Round vanity models match all styles and do not clash with the general square look of the rest of the bathroom.

2. Corner sink – Sometimes, the position of the other elements in the bathroom – toilet, shower/tub, can make it difficult even for a pedestal sink not to get in the way. A corner sink can do wonders in such cases.

3. Trough sinks – For narrow spaces, trough sinks, with their low profiles, work better than corner ones. Wall mounted models free additional space.

4. Extended counters – The space above the toilet is usually a “dead space.” Extending counters granite countertops Concord over it can create great storage for small items, while freeing up space in more critical areas.

5. Built-in storage units – The most popular are the corner niches in the shower cabin and the recessed cabinets above the sink. Built-in units are a must-have for any small bathroom, offering a practical solution for storing items that usually clutter the place.

Concord bathroom design experts have the best solutions for making a small bathroom look bigger, while preserving its functionality at the same time.