Bathroom design Concord is an endless labyrinth of possibilities. It can include shower doors, toilet seats, unique floors, faucets, shower rods, and much more. However, one of the most interesting options regarding bathroom design is lighting; it is often overlooked by the majority of people, but interior design experts agree that it can truly set the desired atmosphere and mood for any bathroom area.




3 Different Types of Bathroom Lighting

There are many possibilities with bathroom lighting, but there are 3 particular kinds that are popular on the current market:

  • Task: This lighting is the brightest and allows people going in and out of the bathroom to best see themselves. Light situated near the mirror is the most important here; it is recommended that lights be placed on either side for shadow-less illumination. This is ideal for brushing teeth, shaving, makeup application, and so on.
  • Accent: This type of lighting is ideal if one wants to place emphasis or showcase artwork in the bathroom. It illuminates the piece and provides a gentle, soft atmosphere.
  • Decorative: Known for adding “visual sparkle,” this type of lighting is frequently seen in magazines. It has a classy and glossier look that appears expensive without being unfriendly or pretentious. This can include ambient lighting as well, which is specifically designed to create indirect lighting that generates a mysterious or romantic look to the bathroom.






Bathroom Lighting: What Homeowners Avoid

While there are many things homeowners should certainly considering doing with their bathroom lighting, there are also some things professional designers would not recommend, including:

  • Do not add lights above the mirror: This throws strong lighting on the chin, forehead, and eyes. It can age the subject and makes it harder to see when applying makeup, shave, or do other activities that require the mirror.
  • Enhance rather than inhibit: There is such a thing as too much of a good idea, and excessive lighting can look overly bright, crowded, or simply gaudy. In order to create a bathroom that is as elegant as possible, it is best for homeowners to choose subtly over dazzle.








Additional Bathroom Design Facts to Consider

In order to obtain the most effect out of one’s bathroom lighting, there are a few additional assets of bathroom design in Concord that homeowners should keep in mind. Some such things include the color of the bathroom tile (as this can have a drastic effect on how the bathroom looks in dim or bright lighting), shower doors (lights can be placed behind them for a certain effect), rugs (various styles and color can be placed next to showers or near doors), and much more. When it comes to one’s bathroom, the most important thing homeowners should consider is the overall feeling guests receive when they walk into the area. Bathroom design in Concord caters to a diverse range of tastes, ensuring that each bathroom reflects varying personalities while providing homeowners with the desired effect.