Having a large open master bathroom seems to be a selling feature for many homes in the Concord area. Unfortunately for many in Concord, remodeling a bathroom to include any more square footage in unrealistic but with a few tips and tricks the function of the bathroom can be changed allowing for the area to seem much larger than it really is.

White Creates A Bigger Look

Creating a white theme in the bathroom design concord can give the room a bigger appearance and can even create a more airy impression. A white theme can include white tiles on the wall and the floor, clean and crisp white walls, fixtures that blend in with the room, and beautiful white trim and crowning to give the room a touch of elegance.



Create A Tone-On-Tone Look

Not a fan of white? Create a bathroom that features a tone-on-tone look, a decorative technique that takes one or two colors and uses different shades of that color throughout the room. The results can be absolutely amazing and can allow the designer to be a little daring with the accents without going overboard. Of course, anyone remodeling a room should try to stay with lighter shades in the color scheme as darker colors can sometimes create a dim and smaller feel to the space.


Don’t Cover Up The Windows

While a bathroom is a place that one does deserve their privacy, don’t be too quick to completely cover up any windows that are in the bathroom. Windows are a great way to let light shine in and will help create the idea that the room is really larger than it is. For those that are looking to cover up the windows consider a frosted window, sheer curtains or blinds, something that will allow the light to shine in, but will keep nosy neighbors at bay.


In planning the bathroom design, it is important to consider mirrors as they reflect light and to add space to the bathroom. Vanity mirrors come in many different styles and sizes, they can take up an entire wall or the can have beautiful frames to create the look of a work of art. It is important to remember, what will be reflected back when a mirror is being placed, a mirror that is placed to reflect a window will create more light and will open the space even more, while a mirror that faces a closet or door will create a smaller feel to the room.

Floating Furniture

Floating furniture and shelves are becoming a popular choice in bathroom designs where the goal is to create a more open and bigger space. The floating furniture allows for the storage of clutter that is needed in the bathroom, but because they do not touch the floor, it allows for to floor to be clear and appear more spacious.

In bathrooms where clutter is not such a large problem open shelves are perfect, as they allow the eye to travel from wall to wall and from ceiling to floor.

Clear Glass Door For Shower

Nothing quite opens up a small bathroom like a clear glass shower wall and door. The shower door allows for a visual of the entire bathroom, not allowing areas to be blocked off by walls, shower curtains or opaque shower doors. A glass door will also allow more light in to the shower, making the shower feel more open and spacious.


Create A Look With Larger Tiles

Whether the entire bathroom is being tiled or just the shower, larger tiles will give a larger look to the room, simply because the smaller the tile, the more grout lines one will have. If possible, try to use the same larger tile throughout the bathroom, as it won’t break up a room the way smaller tile will.