Though their nature, human beings are drawn towards aesthetically pleasing things that make a powerful visual statement through their distinctive shape, size, or color palette. People love décor elements that defy the conventional, and reflect their taste, style, and personality. This explains why many prospective buyers pick up spectacular accent pieces on impulse, potentially aggravating their clutter problems.




For this reason, homeowners should always remember that form should go hand in hand with function, as part of the same whole, when it comes to making changes in terms of bathroom design Concord. Here are some of the most common, and entirely preventable remodel mistakes that people make when trying to upgrade their bathrooms.


Considering Storage a Luxury.


Bathroom storage should always be seen as a top priority for a very simple reason: leaving piles of dirty clothes, scattered toiletries and clean towels in plain sight would turn a once tidy bathroom into a source of chaos and stress. Instead of opting for a classic pedestal sink that would occupy a lot of space, homeowners should consider making room for a built-in cabinet for extra storage. By adding shelves, mounting cabinets on walls, and installing towel racks, people could keep their bathrooms perfectly organized around the clock, while also preventing clutter and creating the illusion of extra space.




Chasing Ephemeral Trends, Instead of Opting for Classic, Practical Additions.


The best specialists in bathroom design in Concord will always advise their clients to keep it simple when it comes to upgrading their indoors. Simplicity is one of the most underrated forms of sophistication, which can guide a makeover in the right direction, allowing homeowners to achieve spectacular results, save money in the long run, and boost the resale value of their home. Not everyone will be thrilled to see a marble sink, or a vintage porcelain claw foot tub that takes up a lot of space; this is why homeowners should consider turning their attention to additions that may convert their bathroom into a more family-friendly, functional environment, such as an elegant set of wall-mounted cabinets or a double vanity. By relying on classic styling techniques and first-hand workmanship, families involved in a bathroom remodeling project could avoid unnecessary expenses, and stick to permanent, positive changes that they will be able to appreciate for many more years to come.





Taking the Mix and Match Trend One Step Too Far.


Once seen strictly as utilitarian spaces, modern bathrooms have redefined their purpose and status, and are now considered spas, heavenly retreats, and oases of relaxation where people could alleviate stress and achieve peace of mind. Inspired by the expanded functionality of high-end bathrooms, many people feel encouraged to play with different kinds of fixtures, patterns, materials, textures, and color schemes.




This is not necessarily a bad thing; however, an eclectic style can be quite difficult to achieve, especially without the expert guidance of a specialist in bathroom design in Concord. Too many unbalanced contrasts will make the upgraded bathroom seem like an island, an individual entity separated from the rest of the house, in what style and architectural details are concerned. By carrying the unique look and feel of their dwelling into their updated lavatory, homeowners could avoid the most common bathroom design mistake, and turn their remodeling project into a real success.