3 Clever Bathroom Design Ideas for Small Spaces

bathroom design concordMany homeowners see small bathrooms as corners that are difficult to design or remodel, given their limited space. However, one just needs a higher dosage of creativity to turn these processes into fun design challenges. Creating a storage-friendly, aesthetically pleasing and entirely functional bathroom is an achievable goal even when lack of space may seem a homeowner's number one impediment. Whether we're talking about the installation of mirrors that make the whole area look brighter and bigger or the use of custom furniture with added storage, such strategies make it easier for anyone to convert a small room into a space-saving sanctuary. Here are some of the most popular and inexpensive ideas that one could explore when opting for a cost-effective, result-oriented bathroom design concord.

bathroom design concord1. Going to Storage Options in Plain Sight. Instead of filling their cabinets with towels, toiletries, and other bathroom essentials, homeowners should consider installing chic, fuss-free storage features that would enable them to deposit their bathroom supplies in plain sight; for instance, wall-mounted wooden crates, storage ladders painted in vibrant colors, and elegant floating shelves are excellent options worth considering when it comes to eliminating bulky furniture pieces offering concealed storage space. By getting rid of big furniture sets, homeowners could achieve a fresher, space-saving, minimalist design that would make their entire room seem less clutter and more welcoming.

bathroom design concord2. Adding Functional Details. When it comes to evaluating different options regarding bathroom design in Concord, families struggling to make their rooms look more spacious and inviting should forgo elements that only serve aesthetic purposes, and go for details with the highest practical value. Objects that only beautify the bathroom without making their owners' lives easier or more enjoyable in any way may eventually lead to a clutter problem- an issue that can make a small bathroom seem less spacious than it is. Therefore, by adding simple space-saving solutions, like reducing counter space by depositing personal products in bins and baskets, placing a hamper under the bathroom sink, or storing everyday essentials on floating shelves, homeowners can make the most of the design elements that are both eye-catchy and functional.

bathroom design concord3. Playing with the Right Colors. A neutral color scheme is an important ally that any family can and should count on when it comes to designing or remodeling a small bathroom. Here's why: aside from being versatile, agelessly beautiful, and easy to work with, neutral hues will make the entire room feel calm and look effortlessly sophisticated. A gorgeous neutral shade can become the base theme of one's bathroom, leaving plenty of room for the use of contrasting details, such as bold metallic fixtures, rich textures, and unexpected pops of color, to add depth and a stunning wow factor to the original bathroom design theme of choice. While white is the symbol of purity and cleanliness, all neutral shades will contribute a great deal to a flawless, soothing, spa-like look and feel that will take even the smallest bathroom one step closer to becoming an elegant onsite oasis of relaxation.