Critical Considerations for Homeowners Remodeling their Bathroom in 2017

Most owners do not put much thought into their bathroom design before giving their designer the go ahead. However, a bathroom design is meant to last a home for at least 10 years; granite countertops Concord therefore, there is plenty to consider before finalizing the budget and plan.

There are dozens of considerations for a bathroom design Concord homes, and professionals do these things every day. Therefore, a homeowner should heed the warnings and advice of their design professional and ask for tips to ensure their bathroom turns out the way they want.

Know All Upfront Costs

There are costs to a bathroom design and remodel that are not always discussed but should be. The design expert should talk about the quality of materials, how those materials affect the price, labor costs, and additional expenses that may occur. For example, after tearing out the walls, bathroom design Concord there could be signs of mildew and mold, which must be treated. This is an added cost that would not be in the initial estimate.

Having an idea of worst-case scenario costs is best for a homeowner that wants to stay on budget and avoid surprises.

Never Make the Toilet the First Design Element a Person Sees

Often a homeowner does not examine the plans to their bathroom design for their Concord residence. When they do not pay attention to the opening of the bathroom, and the fixtures first seen, they could walk straight into a toilet.

Bathroom doors are often left open, which means that a guest walking into the home will be greeted with a toilet if it is not nestled away properly. Therefore, homeowners should consider kitchen design Concord all angles and views, and ensure that they like what is presented with the bathroom door open.

Never Remove Vintage Finishes

Vintage finishes are highly popular in bathroom designs in Concord homes. Therefore, homeowners thinking about removing them may want to reconsider. A designer can incorporate those existing vintage touches into the new, modern design. Then, the owner is not taking away from the beauty of the home or costing them more to remove something that could be unique.

Consider Lighting Schemes

Bathroom lighting can make or break the overall design. The best approach to creating a well-lit bathroom space is to create layers of light throughout the room. This includes lighting over the showers and bathtubs, to lighting vanities and entryways.

Plan the Right Height and Space

A bathroom design must fit the needs of the customer, but also others that may come cabinetry Concord afterward. Having a vanity that is too high may turn future buyers away from the property, just like removing a bathtub for a larger shower could make the home unsuitable for some types of customers.

Add in High-End Materials

One way to save on the overall budget, but still have a refined look, is to add high-end materials here and there. For example, adding a marble backsplash to finish the bathroom or using marble countertops to add elegance.