The Benefits of Classic Marble Countertops

Everyone knows the classic look of bianco carrara marble. If one doesn't, all they'd have to do is take one look through a history book to see the material's widespread applications throughout history. From precious works of art to incredible architectural structures, bianco carrara is a staple in terms of earthly design, and it's a true testament to its beauty that it remains a popular material of choice in today's modern design world. While common renovations such as a total kitchen remodel or a bathroom design concord overhaul tend to use engineered quartz or natural granite, classic marble is always there as an alternative option. For those willing to take the plunge, there's a lot to be gained from having bianco carrara marble installed in the home.

A Piece of History


As mentioned above, bianco carrara marble has donned the pages of various history books over great periods of time. The material is tied closely to ancient greek art and architecture, famously used in building ancient Athenian structures. Of course, the material was also prevalent in Ancient Roman times, used to design the iconic palaces and temples that still stand today. And let's not forget the countless priceless statues that have been carved from the marble over time. Indeed, when a homeowner brings bianco carrara into their home, they're bringing with it a small piece of valuable history.

A Working Surface Like No Other


Even if one chooses to ignore the history of bianco carrara, it would be hard for them to blink away the sheer gorgeousness of the material when used as a kitchen countertop. For all the benefits that come with granite and quartz countertops (and there certainly are plenty of benefits), nothing comes close to the aesthetic starkness and impact that comes with bianco carrara countertops. The grey veins run through the white background of the material like lightning bolts, each piece coming in its own unique, artful pattern. Having bianco carrara countertops installed is a surefire way for homeowners to gift themselves a kitchen that dazzles them visually, day in and day out.

A Gem for Bakers and Cooks


While not every homeowner is a born baker and cook, those who do enjoy dabbling in the culinary arts will greatly enjoy working on a classic marble countertop surface. Indeed, traditional pizza makers in Italy pride themselves on wearing their material down steadily over time with each new pizza that they make. The same applies to chocolatiers in France. If homeowners aren't particularly involved in the pizzamaking and chocolatiering subculture, having a new bianco carrara marble countertop installed is a great excuse to get into it! Just don't expect to be a master right away; these things take practice.